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Not sure if it's my age, after all I am 50, but a few years ago I started having a little problem. Every time I have sex when the man stimulates my G-spot.... I happened to lose all control and start to pee ! When I was embarrassing.... Havinga, we were very good, he was with his fingers inside me as she licked and sucked my clit and suddenly started this incredible feeling, even within me. I only have the best orgasm of my life, and to be honest - I've.. But when I run, I began to explode like a fountain and urine flowed from it. I have wept with shame and embarassement - never forget the look of astonishment on his face... But what happened next was even more of cliti a surprise. It was absolutely wild and gave me the fucking of a lifetime. For some reason that really made ​​him were together a few months later, and always asked me to pee on it cliti at every opportunity. After we parted, I was concerned about do it cliti with a new guy and he does not like, so I decided to be honest with the kids and tell them about my problem, before we in the bedroom of the stage. The reaction you get is confusing... they all seem to like them for themselves. I met a man on the line, talked a lot about things, and of course the sex was and I mentioned my 'problem'. He would not ' make a big deal when Bearly and turned to mention one. A week later we met for the first time for a drink at cliti a local hotel, while driving, I was only drinking Coca -Cola, and talk we hold for a few hours when he drinks flowing. Finally, of course I had the bathroom and told me I had to go to the ladies room. Thank God, he said... I've been waiting for hours for I came to say... I booked a room.. n which led me to the room as I was desperate to pee and hopped from one foot to another, losing the ball with room key. \\ \\ n once in the room I stepped into the bathroom. Oh, no, don't said, and instead pushed me onto the bed. He apparently had planned because I had the shower curtain in the bathroom and spread it over the leaves. Before I knew what was happening he had pulled my socks and pulled my panties aside and was busy licking my pussy. I was so desperate to pee, I told him he could not stand much longer. With that he took me to sit astride his face.... He looked up and begged me and. I ask about cliti this for so long... working all the time with the fingers cliti in the pussy until I fancied I had no control, I began to urinate, he opened his mouth, moves his hand and slipped a finger in the cliti ass and pulled my pussy in his face down as I gushed and gushed, while running hard. licked my pussy clean - rubbed his face hard on me and then I bend down on all fours, slid his cock in my ass fucking me firmly but gently, construction, or forward to anothergasm, I feel your hard cock inside of me when I get back to rub my clit and stroking his testicles dear, suddenly I felt it even tougher... I was sure he was about to cum, then, to my surprise, I felt a hot burning sensation in me... that he was not running... I was pissing, the depths of my ass... I resisted and resisted cliti him to sing again, mourn, when I got more and more difficult, with a final grunt, I stopped cliti and when I rolled on my back, put his cock in my mouth fills with warm salty sauce. were both soaked and exhausted. After we were there for a while, took me to the bathroom where she showered and then with warm clothes, we sat and talked for a while, and he asked me wrapped night, it took me, he smiled and said... that's great.. because I 've bought something. Opening a bag he.... 4 liters of diet coke.. He said.. have come to drink... We have all night, and I want to pee in most of its.... This was the first of my adventure urinationThere were many more. If you like this, let me know and maybe I'll say more.
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